Mandala Dance


12-17 MAY 2020

Mandala dance is a deep practice of working with energy, body and consciousness, which combines in its structure dance movements, breath and attention skills.

This practice is the process of energy alignment at all levels, it is the healing of the body and soul, it is a reunion with all female and male manifestations.

Through the Mandala dance there happens a harmonization of internal and external parts of ourselves at the level of body and consciousness. The balance of all states is built both internally and externally.
About the facilitator
Veronika Muvia

I joined the practice of Mandala Dance in 2014. I am Maya's interpreter in her workshops, and the editor of her books: "Mandala Dance", "Breath of Life", "Mandala Dance. Level 2".
My personal daily practice of Mandala Dance and the amount of time spent in the presence of the creator and the Master of the practice, allowed me to learn the elements of the dance in detail, to see the energy structure of these elements, to recognize the sacred keys that form the foundation of this structure.

I hope that my experience and knowledge gathered during the workshops and my personal conversations with the master will allow my students to bring their body into alignment, as well as gain a deeper understanding of the sacred part of the elements, tune into and then share the space of pure light that is at the core of this practice.

The practice returns us into conscious presence in the body, gives the connection with the sacred organs and rooting into the earth; it restores harmonious manifestation of the female and male nature, the natural rhythms and cycles inherent into our primordial state.

It brings back to a practitioner their natural state and sound.
It also connects with the wisdom, instincts and knowledge of the nature, with our truth and our soul.
12-17 May 2020
8.00 - 9.30 Breakfast
10.00 - 13.00 Workshop
13.00 - 15.00 Lunch
15.00 - 18.00 Workshop
18.30 - 19.30 Dinner

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For getting a certificate of "Mandala dance instructor, level 1" there must be done the basic workshop: "Basics of life" with Maya. After that, "Mandala dance, level 1".
Those who haven't done the basic workshops can join "Mandala dance, level 1" for a personal practice.

The certification depends on your body and energy alignment, your presence in the practice and level of understanding how the practice works. Only the fact of your participation doesn't gurantee that you will get the certificate.
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Women about Mandala dance practice:
My awareness in Mandala was awareness of the body.
The first stage was to stop and slow down my body, which was tough. Then I began to feel the hips and stop dancing for the sake of beauty.
The second stage was admiring my own body, beauty and grace.
The third one was understanding my body, feeling, fine tuning, feeling body like a locator that subtly picks up the needs, sensations, desires.

Now is the stage of rooting, centering, simplicity, love and pleasure. Stage of completeness and integrity.

Lyudmila Sheygas
I am really inspired by Maya — she is a true Goddess on earth!
Being close to her, so many different programs come up.
Maya showed me the taste of getting back to my real self, to my relaxed body and clear head!
Now, while practicing Mandala, I get to know myself more and more every day, and it feels so exciting!!!
Ivanna Kynaly
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